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“I’m not sure how, but they found me and as I was new to town and currently looking for a job it worked out well. The staff was friendly and attentive and Kelly was a true professional. I was working the next day.”

Worked 40 hour weeks (days). Installing units and the ducting for them. A typical day included installing on many floors of the new apartment building. some ducts were connected with F channel, the vertical runs were welded. The welding was the most enjoyable part to the job. It was

“Went in for interview, Merelda was great. Took safety orientation right then and less than 24 hours later had a job with a great company.”

The summary says it all. The management are awesome people to work for and with. If you have a problem with a job that they sent you on they work fast to fix it. The people i have been able to work with met some cool people but also

I did random odd jobs. They work was hard but it was rewarding as I got a sense of accomplishment completing tasks. Management was ok they sent me to different sites on different days.See all Indeed Reviews here