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“Nice cool clean working and learning” See all Facebook recommendations hereContinue Reading
“I absolutely love and recommend this industrial temp agency. They are very supportive and helpful. As well as always there when you need them. Incredibly reliable.” See all Indeed Reviews hereContinue Reading
“After coming in for an interview I was placed out on a job within a week. You need to be ready to work for the company they send you to. Would highly recommend working here to anyone. Only positive experiences when working with Madden Industrial Craftsmen.” See all Indeed ReviewsContinue Reading
“Madden Industrial is a placement agency. I worked for their fab shop in downtown portland. I loved working there, they taught me almost everything i know about welding and fabrication. And i was also taught how to be a leader on job sites. I will always thank them for theContinue Reading
“Sometimes you take a low paying job if there’s not much available, and sometimes you land a really good spot and end up getting hired on. My experience has been mostly straightforward – show up to the job site, do the work, and text or email a photo of myContinue Reading